Haviv Rozzillio, born in Tel-Aviv in 1975. lives and works in Kfar Azar - Israel.
Haviv has been dealing with the art of Mosaic since the 3rd millennium began.
”Through the world of Mosaic I have found a language which allows me to
Translate inspirations to physical forms.
Each of my work is unique and made of broken ceramic pieces, chosen to create shapes”.
Shapes vary throughout size, density, color and texture.
Wet sealed and hangable plywood board is what the work is made on.
Pigment grout is often used to create the background and fill gaps between
The broken pieces.
”Through this art form I restore old and far connection between ancient arts of the old
World and contemporary arts of today. I find this root connection essential to our identity.
Using unique random shapes to create my work led me realize that such shapes
Holds noble qualities due to their incident of being”.

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Besides the art of Mosaic, Haviv is an art director In the film industry of Israel.

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